Montclair 10,000

Inflation, Interest Rates, Gasoline. Everything is going up but we’re not!

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Montclair 10,000 LLC, a local racially diverse company dedicated to creating fun activities and games in socially distant situations.

You can expect hours of entertainment and fierce competition. “Montclair 10,000” is a family friendly dice game where the first player to hit exactly 10,000 points wins! Do you have what it takes?

Montclair 10,000 LLC is a small family, female and minority owned company headquartered in the Montclair Village, Oakland, California. We were introduced to the game and immediately found it entertaining and engaging. As we played with family and close friends, we began to modify the original rules to increase the challenge and enhance the fun factor. For example, a rule was added in response to playing on a counter top (No Sloppy Dice). The most challenging rule is to hit 10,000 exactly, NOT as easy as it sounds!

Our goal is to introduce Montclair 10,000 to the tabletop game marketplace. After more than 10,000 hours of playing time, we believe that there is a place for this high-quality, fun and challenging dice game.

  • Q – If, on my first roll, I save off two 5’s and then I roll another 5 on my second roll, can I add it to the first two 5’s to make three-of-a-kind?
  • A – No. All three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind, straights, etc. must happen on a single roll.
  • Q – What happens if the score on any given roll takes me over 10,000, can I pickup some of the dice and roll again?
  • A – No. On any turn, if the score you roll puts you over 10,000, your turn is over.
  • Q – During my turn I have saved all 5 dice with points. What now?
  • A – You may now stop rolling and add the current points to your score or you may pickup all 5 dice and continue rolling, adding to this accumulated roll score, keeping in mind if you fail to roll any points on a given roll your turn is over and you forfeit the points accumulated on this turn.

250 is the most commonly rolled number. Remember when you get to the end.

Dice have no memory. They don’t have it out for you!

It’s always better to score, than not.

One and Six don’t mix.

Patience. The rolls will come! I had 5500 points by the time my friend got “on the board”. She won the game!

It’s a game of risk and odds. Chances of rolling a point are the highest with 5 dice. The odds go down as the number of dice being rolled go down.

The roller and the score keeper are the only two people that have to pay attention!

If playing remotely (ie. over Zoom), there must be a certain level of trust that the remote players are truthfully announcing their score.

Don’t forget you can use the Customer Notes box (during checkout) for any delivery notes.

In adherence to our commitment to community, we will donate $1.00 for each game sold to the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

We at Montclair 10,000 LLC, along with the Alameda County Community Food Bank wish to Thank You for your support!